Finding Your Inner Leader

group of medical studentsWhether or not you think of yourself as a leader now, people are bound to look to you for leadership when you graduate.

Leave UCSF Even Better than You Found It

Build your leadership skills by participating in student government. Whatever your school or program, your involvement will help the University to improve student life and to understand the current interests and needs of students.

Play a crucial role in campus life through the over 180 registered campus organizations (RCOs) at UCSF. Start your own RCO and lead others in exploring a personal or professional interest.

Lead at the University of California system-wide level as the Student Regent! Learn more about the competitive application process and application deadlines. If you are selected as the Student Regent you are guaranteed an interesting and rewarding experience. (And it will look great on your CV or resume.)

Resources for developing your leadership skills at UCSF include:

Student Government | Registered Campus Organizations | Synapse | UC Student Regent