The Basics

green appleThere are a wide range of student services available to you at UCSF, but before you run for student government or join the interpretive dance club, you'll want to take care of the basics.

Living Basics


Living on campus is often the best option for students, especially when you’re new to the Bay Area. The monthly rent for campus housing is significantly cheaper than for private housing in San Francisco, and, of course, you cannot beat the convenience. Campus Life Services also offers many useful resources for students who choose to live off-campus.


It's not unusual for college students to need help with food access, but that doesn't mean that you should accept not having enough nutritious food to eat. Rather, that means that it's just as routine to seek out help getting food while you’re in school. Find out the different kinds of assistance available, including urgent help, like emergency loans and community food programs, as well as longer-term assistance like the weekly Student Food Market or CalFresh Program.


Have a class at Parnassus and a lab meeting at Mission Bay? No problem. Free shuttles connect all of UCSF. If you don't live on campus, you might want advice about your commute. Cyclists will be thrilled with UCSF’s robust support for biking to/from and around campus. If you need to drive, then you’ll also need to park. Don’t know your way around UCSF yet? See maps of the campuses.

See more resources to help you meet your basic needs.

School Basics


Whether you need to sign up for classes, order a transcript, or consult this year’s academic calendar, you’ll want to get to know the Office of the Registrar. You'll use the Student Portal for many interactions with UCSF and the Registrar.

Schools and Programs

In addition to all of the central student services outlined on this website, your school or degree program will play a very central role in supporting you as student. Be sure to get acquainted with the school/program-specific resources related to your degree program early on.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many physical office locations at UCSF are temporarily closed or are operating on a reduced schedule; however, the student services you need are still available online. See a directory of UCSF student services websites.