Making Ends Meet While You're in School

a student gets produce at the food marketIt's a challenge for most students to juggle their academic and personal expenses, but don't despair! There are lots of resources at UCSF you can take advantage of. 

See the different types of student financial aid available, get help creating a budget you can live with, and tap into the the many efforts across campus to help students meet their basic needs – things like food, housing, and transportation. 

It's no secret that San Francisco is an expensive place to live, but UCSF has made providing affordable student housing a top priority. Campus housing gives students convenient access to classes, labs, and clinics, as well as the library, fitness centers, and shuttle services. If you live off-campus and have financial need, there may also be help available to you in the form of a cost of living supplement.

It's a worn out cliché that college students live on ramen noodles, but you'll need to eat a variety of nutritious foods to fuel all the thinking you have to do! Boost your access to food staples through the Student Food Market, and get healthy, budget-minded recipes and nutrition advice from Student Health and Counseling Services. If you need more immediate help, there are also emergency loans available to students. Get more information on urgent and non-urgent food access resources

“Yes, I’d like to pay full price,” said no one ever. UCSF students can get discounts on goods and services from computers and cell phone service to performances and sporting events. 

Finally, financial concerns can be a major source of stress, but no matter the source of your unease, there are healthy ways to cope.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many physical office locations at UCSF are temporarily closed or are operating on a reduced schedule; however, the student services you need are still available online. See a directory of student services websites.