Other Helpful Resources

photo of 3 students wearing backpacksYour everyday needs as a student no doubt include housing and transportation. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the campus resources we hope you won’t need, just in case!

The Basics
One of your top concerns as a new student will be finding housing. Cost and convenience make campus housing a great option for lots of students, especially when they first start out, but if that's not for you, there are other options. If you are taking care of others — children or an elder — while you're in school, you'll want to tap into a range of family services at UCSF. Have a class at Parnassus and a lab meeting at Mission Bay? No problem. Free shuttles connect all of UCSF.

Personal Safety and Security
All urban environments present advantages as well as a few concerns. First of all, be safe. Second, know how to find help if you should need it.

Mediation Services
All good researchers and health professionals know that when it comes to humans, there are lots of variables! If you've hit a rough patch with a mentor or colleague, get confidential help.

Legal Resources
UCSF doesn't have an on-campus legal office for students, but there are community resources you can take advantage of. 

Resources to explore:

Basics — Housing | MyFamily | Transportation | MyCommute
Safety and Security — UCSF Police | "WarnMe" | Confidential CARE Advocate 
Conflict Resolution — Office of the Ombuds | Legal Resources 

Support for Undocumented Students — UCSF Undocumented Student Support Services | UC Immigrant Legal Services Center