Find your balance.
Taking care of both body and mind is important to your wellbeing.
Maximize your learning potential!
Tap into student resources that will help you do your personal best.
Don't put off preparing for your career.
Set your goals and plan to reach them.
Want to be a successful student at UCSF?
Everyone benefits from having a strong support network.
Looking to become a leader in your field?
Hone your leadership skills now.
Make ends meet while you're in school.
Get connected with financial aid, student discounts and more.

The most successful UCSF students not only pay careful attention to their studies, but also take time to engage with their communities, build relationships, and have fun. They have healthy habits like eating right and getting exercise, and they seek advice when they need help. Even in the early stages of their degree programs, they plan for their futures beyond UCSF, exploring career options and preparing to enter the workforce.

This website is meant to help you navigate the wide range of resources and services at UCSF that will help YOU succeed. Explore the site, and please let us know if you think something is missing here!  You can also see a Student Success PowerPoint presentation, videos about your resources, or a simple list of links to resources mentioned on this site.